Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Two week menu

Eating out of the pantry for the next 2 weeks with only a teeny tiny grocery shop to be done.

I have a 14 day menu to present, 2 of these nights I'm not home, so its easy stuff for dh and dd. On these 2 nights they have the following to choose from: Fish/nuggets and chips, and some frozen pasta meals.

For the other 12 nights we will have the following (I'll post the recipes as I make them):

Meatball Stew
Chicken barley soup
Spaghetti Bolegnaise
Bacon & Egg pies
Lamb and Chickpea patties
Beef & Vegetable Pasties
Macaroni Cheese
Middle Eastern Lamb Pies
Garlic and Chilli Prawns
Chilli and Bean Bake

Can you believe I actually found some frozen prawns (ala Aldi) in my freezer.

Its truely amazing what you will find when you dig around in there.

The only meat I have to buy this week is minced beef.

Lunches will be leftovers or sandwiches ( I have enough bread mixes to make 6 loaves).

Breakfasts will be cereal as per usual.

I'll also be doing some baking, I have a recipe for 150 cookies that looks really easy. I've got a tonne of cake mixes, brownie mixes etc to feed the entire family for weeks. There is also plenty of jelly, and tinned fruit to keep everyone happy.

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